Life is amazing and unpredictable and sweet and painful and complicated and simple and beautiful and sometimes ugly. It's my life and the only one I’ll ever have, so…I will not let society put its ‘brand’ on me by giving in to its expectations or demands. I will not let other people put their ‘brand’ on me by letting their approval (or lack thereof) control me. I choose to run with the wind. I choose to bask in the sun. I choose to stop and listen to the song of the Meadow Lark. I choose to find joy in the snow, peace in the rain and energy in the storm. I choose to feel complete and total awe in the presence of the grizzly bear. I choose to worship the majesty of the mountains and the God who created them. I choose to accept the blessings and gifts that surround me every day. I choose to recognize the wonder in the world around me. I choose to believe in miracles. I choose to live my life wild and free. I choose to live Life UnBranded.